A cookie is a small data file that Websites write to a hard drive when a user visits that Website.

The only personal information a cookie can contain is information a user personally supplies. A cookie cannot read data from a user's hard disk or read cookie files created by other Websites. 

Cookies enhance a Website's performance in a number of ways including providing a secure way for identity verification during a visit to a Website and also personalising the user's experience with the Website while making it more convenient for them.

Midlands Coastal Cruising Club website only uses cookie technology to track or record information about visitors to Midlands Coastal Cruising Club website. These cookies are 'session specific' and only in the form of a unique visitor identification code which is generated at the time the user visits the Website. They are not used to record personal information or to associate personal information with the use of Midlands Coastal Cruising Club services.

There are two cookies on Midlands Coastal Cruising website which is hosted by Yola: 

  • One placed and hosted by Yola, to track analytics and provide Yola users with the analytics dashboard.
  • One placed by Yola, but hosted by, to track aggregate visitor information across Yola hosted sites.  

Privacy and security are not compromised if and when the user accepts a cookie from the Midlands Coastal Cruising Club website.

Users can refuse cookies by turning them off on their web browsers. 

This will not affect the general use of the Midlands Coastal Cruising Club website.

How To Disable Cookies:

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